Insightful and real conversations

The Kikbox cards enable you to have insightful and real conversations with children and teens. It’s a fast and playful way to have meaningful dialogue.
I have even brought them with me on vacations for us to align as a family on how we wanted to spend our days together.  Even my skeptical husband who’s not into coaching nor games was surprised about the self awareness of the kids had and the ownership they took in being accountable for the qualities they had personally chosen to embrace.

The kikbox cards invited us to have more deep and meaningful conversations with each other in a fun way.
Further it teaches the children what type of questions to ask to get more information, hence, open v closed questions.

Sometimes we use only the cards with the symbols and sometimes we use both.

I would recommend this “communication tool” game for every family to have.

Kristina Zumpolle
Mother and executive coach